Want to record your LinkedIn profile video but you’re not sure 🤔 of what to say? You may have viewed someone’s profile video and wanted to do your own.  Well, no need to wonder 💭 anymore.

The Best Use for Your LinkedIn Cover Profile Video

The LinkedIn profile video is a great way to make a first impression, tell a bit about yourself, and a few other strategic things to take advantage of the 30 Seconds LinkedIn has provided.

There are 4 things to include in your LinkedIn profile Video (don’t worry you can fit them all in 30 seconds).


  1. Your Name Pronunciation


So that your viewers know how to pronounce your name in conversation when they’re referring your videos to a friend or if they get on the phone with you.


2. Your Elevator Pitch 


If your elevator pitch is put together well, you can incorporate this into your 30-second profile video.  You want to include what you do, who you do it for, and what you solve for your clients.


3.  What they can expect from your posts and next steps-

How can they work with you? Add that direction to your video. Do you want them to download your freebie or send you a DM? Tell them this in your video.


4.  How You want them to Keep in touch/Contact You

How would you like your network to keep in contact with you? Let them know which way you want them to contact.


With ALL videos 🎥 you want to be strategic so in this video, I’m “telling” you exactly what to put into your profile video so you make the most of your 30 seconds.


If you stick to this format for your profile video you’ll know exactly what to say and it won’t take too long to record it.


Don’t worry if you forget. Watch this video a few times to remember what to say or go to my profile and watch my video.


At the end of the video, I give you a challenge or create your own video. Do you accept?



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