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Video Workshop

LinkedIn is the BEST platform for high-ticket lead generation.


LinkedIn is the best platform to attract clients especially if you’re leveraging VIDEO to do.


I’m going to show you my simple process that allows you to leverage video on LinkedIn to create your lane on LinkedIn (standing out from your so-called competition) so you can attract consistent premium clients, grow your business, and attract the best referral system for leads and speaking engagements.
This is my proven system for creating a stand-out brand that brings clients AND guest speaking opportunities (PAID) in every month.

LinkedIn Visibility with Video Workshop 5/2/2024 11:00 AM PT








Stop guessing at how to get started and know exactly what’s working right now to allow you to stand out with your brand, book clients and grow your network with video

during this workshop you’ll learn:

  • What’s working right now on LinkedIn with visibility with video.

  • How to start leveraging video right now to get clients, grow your brand, and increase your visibility.
  • The strategy that’s working right now is getting clients and speaking engagements on LinkedIn.
  • How to create video content that your followers will watch and engage with.
  • The 3 types of videos you need to be showing up on LinkedIn to grow an engaged audience with ready-to-buy clients.


    With my LinkedIn Visibility with Video workshop, you’ll know precisely what is working right now with video and how you can get started creating your own lane to stand out from your peers on the platform and start positioning yourself out as an expert in your industry and a thought leader to get more speaking opportunities.

    By the end of the workshop, you’ll:

    • 3 video ideas and titles that can quickly use to film for your own videos right away for your business that attract your audience *without being boring or dancing*


    • Know how to get your videos featured and shared by others to grow your audience with buyers and referral sources.


    • How to create videos that bring you targeted leads so that you can’t stop posting on LinkedIn every day of the week and actually have a life outside of your business.


    • Create videos that help you go from un-heard to in demand that make you stand out from the rest of the noise on the platform to grow your brand and business.

    Stop being the best-kept secret in your industry. To take advantage of this offer NOW! ????

    What’s included:

    90- minute recorded workshop (emailed to you after the workshop)

    Workshop Workbook

    30 Minute Q&A


    • LinkedIn Events Checklist: How to set up your LinkedIn Live Event quickly to the best ways to promote your event.
    • 10 Hook Ideas that catch the attention of your audience and get them to attend events or watch your videos.
    • Batch Recording checklist: Everything you need to do for batch recording your videos so you can create a library or video content that establishes you as the expert

    Hey, I’m Alicia!

    Video and Business Strategist that’s obsessed with all things video. I’ve spent years (Since 2009) building 3 brands with video on LinkedIn and it’s my mission to help entrepreneurs leverage video for their brands to get more clients, visibility, and speaking opportunities.

    I believe everyone can be confident and shine on camera.  With the right guidance this can be you.

    After trying out blogging, social media and podcasting I realized that video was my thing. After testing, I put together a tried a true system for using video to build a personal and company to market my businesses.

    I know it can be hard when you’re not sure of what’s working and what to do but I’ve got your back.

    Now, I’m going to show you how to do without stressing, guessing but real time strategy that works today.

    Q: How long is the workshop and when is it?

    A:  The workshop is on Thursday, May 2nd 11:00 AM PT.  It is a 90-minute workshop with 30 minutes of Q&A.

    Q: Why isn't this workshop free?

    A:  People take action on things that they invest in. Period. Attending a free workshop won’t get you to take action.  The content in this workshop is meant for those who are serious about taking their brand awareness to the next level.

    Q: What will I learn in this workshop?

    A: everything I mentioned on the page and then some. I will provide examples as I teach you that you can implement right away in your next video.

    Q: Who is this workshop for?

    A:  If you’re B2B: Coaches, Speakers, Consultants, Business Owners, or Service Providers this workshop will help you stand out and grow your brand with video.

    Q: Is this a live workshop?

    A: Yes, the workshop is live.  There will be a replay sent to everyone who invests in the workshop (live and replay).

    Q: Is there a refund offered for this workshop?


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