Have you ever got on camera and forgot what you’re trying to say? You’ve hit the “Go Live” or the “Record” button and your mind goes completely blank?  You start stumbling over your words, it gets really hot and you hit the end button quickly.

That right there is the hot-mess-express way to create video content and In this tech-driven world, there is no reason why you should be winging it on your videos.

Look, Sis, that’s called winging it and it shouldn’t be an option for you.  You’re a goal-driven CEO woman and you cannot have yourself looking unprepared on video.  Most women I know tell me they don’t use video to market their businesses because they don’t how to show up on camera with what to say.  

You know I’ve got you.  Here are some of the best methods to never forget what you’re saying on camera:

  1. Incorporate a Script

If you are someone who does better reading something word for word or by memorizing what you want to say this will be the best option for you.  Reading from a script will help provide that extra added boost of confidence because you’ll have less of a chance of forgetting what your topic is, staying on point, and stumbling over your words.  

You can read your script word-for-word all the way through or you can break up your video in chunks and record from the script that way.   You can place your script on a teleprompter which is a bonus added tool.  I do recommend practicing for a bit before reading from a script so that your confident and don’t look like you’re a robot reading on camera.  Plus, a teleprompter can be a bit overwhelming when you’re just starting out so practice with it and adjust the reading speed.

2.   Use an outline or bullet points

Using a bullet-point outline is my favorite way to record video (I love this for Livestreaming) because it allows me to ad-lib. When I start talking I tend to also think of things to say while I’m on camera.  The bullet points keep me on track while giving me the freedom to still infuse my personality in my videos and I don’t have to worry about reading while talking.  

Putting together a bullet point outline for your videos is a quick way to put together your thoughts so that you can stay on track AND start recording quickly.  This is the best method for those who hesitate to get on camera and need a quick solution to creating their copy.

You can’t go wrong with either option.  Try both methods out to get a feel of what will work for you.  

Which of the two methods do you feel will be the best option for you to create your videos?

paperclips pen and notepad for taking notes

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