Are you their Go-to Person?

Are you sharing your services and showing up daily but the client’s trickle in like a slow drip on your grandma’s kitchen sink?

Do you get clients referrals from word of mouth referrals or get tagged on social media by people as the go-to for your services?

One of the reasons this is happening is because your message, who you serve and the results that you provide aren’t specific enough to what your ideal clients are looking for.

This means you’re selling them on Walmart and You’re the Bloomingdales or the Nordstroms.

They want long lasting results and you’re selling them on overnight transformations.

Being specific matters so much that it can scale your business or leave your business lifeless.

It keeps you from showing up in front of an attracting the wrong clients.

I see it so many times when I’m scrolling my Facebook feed and am doing market research in the groups I’m in.

So many posts go unengaged because the message is lost and the posts aren’t talking to the right person.

In this video, I’m sharing with you how to set the foundation and consistently show up as the specific go-to expert in your industry.


Key takeaways:

  • Branding
  • Message
  • Ideal Client
  • Content

Those four elements should be very specific for you to position yourself as the go-to expert so that you can attract your ideal client and grow your visibility.

Let me know your takeaways and AH-HA’s on how you’ll specifically position yourself as the go-to expert below.

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