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Over the years the one thing that has remained constant in my business and in the businesses of my clients is our level of visibility.

When I first started my medical billing company business in 2009, I didn’t know the first thing about marketing. I did know that I needed to be in front of my target audience daily. I googled “how to market your business” every day for 3 months.  I found some good stuff and some terrible advice, but the constant advice was that you need to be seen by your audience.

So I made getting seen my mission.  Since 2009 the online that I’ve done is be visible in front of my target audience so I can remain top of mind for when It’s time to purchase they buy from me.

Listen, Visibility is Marketing.  It’s the key to everything that you’re doing with your marketing.  

Visibility builds, nurtures and grows your Like, Know and Trust factor.  People do not buy from those that they do not know.  So, in order for your people to buy they got to see you, like your message, know what you do, who you serve and trust that you solve their immediate problems.

Visibility does all of this.

In this episode, I share how you can jumpstart your visibility to grow your business.  I share what visibility is and what it isn’t. It’s easy to get burned out from doing too much to be visible so I also give tips around that as well.

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