Live Video has been the most popular and fastest way to grow your visibility on social media.  It all started with Periscope and over the years Facebook has been the leading platform to go live on.

There have been over 2.5 million live videos done since 2015 and the numbers continue to grow.  

With so many business owners using live video to grow their audiences and credibility why not use this as your authority building platform.  With us spending time at home more than ever it is helpful to use live video to get visible.

There are several uses for live video and visibility.  Live video can serve several purposes and can be repurposed.

With Live Video, you can build an audience of raving fans, grow your credibility, and attract high-ticket clients.  Who doesn’t want to do that? Live Video is one of the fastest ways to cultivate your Know + Like + Trust (which equals investment, cha-ching) because you can cut down the cold-audience-to-warm audience customer journey.

Even other platforms such as Linkedin and Instagram have added live video to their platforms.

In this episode, I’ll discuss how you can use live video to get more visibility.

Live video is one of my favorite topics and I loved sharing with you how to get visible with live video.

If you can’t tell Live video is one of my favorite topics to talk about and with over 400 live videos I’m sharing how you can live video as a client attraction magnet to get clients.

Do you use live video to get visible and in your authority building strategy?

Thanks for listening! 

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