Do you have a podcast and want to build community and grow listenership?

Adding video to your podcast to promote and build a community will allow your audience to connect with you better and continue the conversation around the most recent episode.


You do this by having a weekly video or live video show that connects with your audience.

With video you can:

  • connect with your audience and get feedback on your content
  • collect more content ideas from your videos
  • promote current and past episodes 
  • reach new listeners
  • establishes you as an expert and further positions you as a thought leader.

Video is rapid visibility and adds to the long-term visibility strategy that you’ve established with your podcast.

When I had my podcast (I paused it during the Summer) I would follow up the episodes with a live video that would continue the conversation and help me get to know my listeners better. The live video was a laid-back conversation where we chatted and had fun.  

There was no pressure on me to create new content.

Plus, if someone is looking for a guest for their podcast video is a great way to follow up since you’re an existing podcast host.

Have you thought about adding video to your strategy to grow your podcast?

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