Alicia Henderson Facebook Live broadcast video

Do you have unfinished projects, services, and programs that you know you need to complete but there’s something that’s stopping you from getting them done?

The reason why you’re not finishing projects, your business isn’t reaching it’s potential and you’re in feast or famine can be solved with something as simple as remembering that good enough is done.
Good Enough = Done + Visibility + Brand Building + Money in the Bank????
Good Enough brings in sales, will get you known for your one thing and grows your business.

There’s nothing like being your own setback because you wasted time to wanting everything to be perfect. Waiting for the perfect website or the “right time to launch ???? “ only stalls your productivity and the results you could be getting in your business.

So in today’s Episode Of Empirenista Tv,???? I share how to hack your mindset so that you can realize that good enough is sometimes all you need for what you want to do.

Feel free to comment with your experience on the broadcast or reply back here.  I’d love to get your feedback.

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