How do you feel about back-to-school time? I don’t know about you, but I love it! However, it can also be stressful. If you’re a mom who is growing her empire like me, the back-to-school grind can indeed take a toll on your business. Find out how can you conquer back-to-school time for both your family and your business.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How back-to-school time can affect your business
  • How to conquer back-to-school time
  • How to survive the back to school transition
  • Tips on planning ahead
  • How I work my schedule

Key Takeaways:

  • The things that you should prioritize and be strategic about are your client work, client calls, your self-care, your scheduling, the cleaning, doctors appointments, what you want to do for your leisure, and your cooking.
  • Self-care is so important as an entrepreneur. Don’t put yourself last all the time.
  • When you’re able to plan ahead, you know where things are going. You know what you’re doing and when you should be doing it. That way, you can be more productive with your time.
  • Your schedule is what will really help you to have a good school year and a good transition.
  • When you’re burned out, other people pick up on that vibe and your business does not grow. You can’t handle any more clients when you’re burned out.


Action Steps:

  • Prioritize and strategize. It’s all about being strategic with your time and figuring out what needs to take place first in your business.
  • Get your kids involved. Teach them basic life skills and get them involved in doing chores at home.
  • Plan just about anything ahead of time, including meals, doctors’ appointments, and even clients’ schedules.
  • For planning meals ahead of time, write the menu on the chalkboard if you have a chalkboard, create a recipe book if you need to, and get your grocery shopping done ahead of time.
  • Look at what activities your children are going to be doing throughout the year and see if you may need to scale it down so you don’t get burned out. Prioritize the activities that they really love.
  • Enlist outside help when you need to.
  • Share your calendar with your spouse and get the people who are involved with helping you in sync with what you’re doing.
  • Plan out your days. You don’t have to be rigid about your schedule but make sure you know what you’re doing and when you’re supposed to be doing it. And schedule out a CEO day.
  • Have routines in place for your kids.[Tweet ““Everybody has a goal to play in your life, in your family. They are helping your business out when they are taking care of what they need to take care of.””]

Alicia says:

[Tweet ““I think business does require sacrifice but I think it needs to be within your limits, within reason… Bring on that help because transitioning for back-to-school or any transitioning in your business requires that you make some sacrifice and that you spend some time.””]

“Everybody has a goal to play in your life, in your family. They are helping your business out when they are taking care of what they need to take care of.”

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