If you missed Social Media Day San Diego, then this episode is for you! Not only do I recap my experience at the event but share all the awesome things that I’ve learned, like the latest in social media marketing and takeaways from the industry thought leaders who shared their insights.

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Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Why you need to be on social media
  • The importance of social media in any business
  • Takeaways from the following talks at Social Media Day San Diego
    • Jessika Phillips on Relationship Marketing
    • Chelsea Krost on Millennial Marketing
    • Sean Cannell on YouTube Ranking
    • Stephanie Liu on Instagram Marketing
    • Roberto Blake on Video Marketing
    • Billy Gene Shaw on YouTube Ads


Key Takeaways:

  • Social media is a tool that’s going to take you to your end game.
  • Relationship marketing is so important because when you get to know people, you’re going to support and help grow each other’s business.
  • If you’re utilizing any type of social media platform to market your business, make sure that you’re not coming across as sleazy and spammy.
  • Video and live streaming are the fastest ways for you to grow your business and build that like-know-and-trust factor.
  • When it comes to marketing, video and Facebook Live are here to stay. At least 70% of your marketing needs to be video and live streaming.

Action Steps:

  • Be active in social media.
  • Avoid adding people to your Facebook Group without asking for permission.
  • Know and understand the analytics and the statistics when it comes to marketing to millennials.
  • Utilize Facebook Live, which comes free.
  • Attend social media events like Social Media Day and learn all that you can from experts.

Alicia says:

[Tweet ““You cannot stand out from your competition if you don’t have a quick like-know-and-trust factor… You have to make sure that you are establishing yourself as the authority, as the go-to person for your services and for your business.””]

“If you want to be growing and scaling and going from income bracket to income bracket, you’ve got to do things that you’re uncomfortable doing. And if Facebook Live and video make you uncomfortable but you know you need to be doing them… then give it a chance.”

Thanks for listening!

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