As we head into Quarter 4 in a few weeks it’s time to increase Your Visibility for the rest of 2020. September isn’t over yet and 2020 isn’t over. 

COVID may have thrown you off in some way.  For me, I’ve had to adjust to having my older kids back home for school with distance learning.  So because I’ve adjusted my business model I’ve had to adjust my visibility.

We could all use a bit more visibility and if you’ve been struggling with attracting the right people to your business because you don’t have a strategic plan.

In this Facebook Live (not repurposed into a podcast episode) I’m sharing how you can grow your visibility reach is important especially as we go into the holiday season.

Key takeaways:

  • How to plan out your visibility
  • How to Quickly put together your Authority Building Platform (A.B.P.’s) to position yourself as a premium brand to secure high-end clients
  • What your content and promo calendar should look like for the rest of 2020
  • How to use other people’s platforms (O.P.P.’s) 

Secure high-end clients through your visibility. 

You can watch this episode or you can listen to this episode on your favorite podcast app.  

This episode is a live stream that took place in my private Facebook community where I talk about the steps to take to get and stay focused to bring in the profit to be booked out.  You’ll hear me talk to my kids and spouse during this episode.  You’ll hear my son in the background.  

Which tip was your favorite? How will this help you stay focused?   Head on over to the Empirenista Business Incubator and let me know.

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Let’s continue this conversation over on The Empirenista Business Incubator with Alicia Henderson. How will you apply these tips to build and grow your authority platform?

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