Live Video | 4 Misconceptions That You Have With Live Video

Myth buster⚠️: You’ve MUST know how to do a live video before you go live. 

Fact: *You DON’T have to know anything before you start showing up with Live Video*

So many women buy into the trap that you must have it all figured out before going live. No one has had it all figured out. We learn as we take action and implement our live video strategy. However, you don’t learn if you don’t have a strategy.

Misconception #1: You Need a Large Audience

This is completely false. You DO NOT need a large audience before you livestream. You need a consistent, loyal and engaged audience of the right people. Your audience will be consistent when you show up consistently.

Misconception #2: You need to Know How to do All the steps before you GO Live

Again, this is false. How would you know what to do if you’ve never gone live before? You wouldn’t know how to do that. You have to be taught AND practice.

Misconception #3: You Need to Have All the tech figured out

Without trying the different equipment you won’t know what works for you when you livestream. You must try it out, figure out what will work for you and then use it consistently. You may not want to use a microphone or you might just want to use your smart phone. The only way to know is to go live.

Misconception #4: You need to Know How to Get Clients with Live Video

If you’re not going live consistently or you don’t have a live stream strategy in place you’re not going to know how to get clients and sale on live video. So it’s not expected to know how to sale on live video right away unless you’re a sales genius. You have to make sure you’re in front of the right audience, you have an offer that they want and that solves a problem.

These 4 misconceptions can keep you from showing up live, however, if you work on the suggestions listed above you won’t fall into these traps and you can show up confidently and leverage live video as a client attraction lead magnet.

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Which misconception has held you back? Let me know by commenting on the video or below so that I can respond back with some pointers.

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