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Most entrepreneurs overcomplicate the live video process but it’s really simple once we break it down.

Simplifying the process for you is what I do and why I’m here to do because in 2021 nobody should be strugglin’ with this especially when there are 3 main ways to go live.

Here’s the break down:

1️⃣. Start with Your Computer????.

Use your computer laptop or Desktop to go live by using your computer ????????‍???? browser or a 3rd party livestream program Ecamm Network, Be.Live or Restreamm).  Some of these programs allow you to livestream on multiple platforms at once.  Your computer has a built in camera so just hit live and start chatting (with a strategy of course).

2️⃣. Use Your Phone ????. 

Think about the fifty-leven times you pick up your phone a day.  Your phone can go live on the platforms your ideal audience hangs out on.  It’s super simple to use as well.  Type in your “live video topic” description, find some good lighting ???? and start your live video.

3️⃣. If you want to get fancy, you can use a DSLR camera ???? to go live with.  There are a few extra steps but it’s a great way to create a high-quality live video ????and to up-level your live video show.

See, these3️⃣ tools simplify your live video strategy.  Try them out, pick one that you’ll use most often and start leveraging live video with it.

I teach women simple live video ????strategies in my video success intensives because 

1️⃣we have enough on our plates 

2️⃣ if I can make a process simple for them to do that’s going to transform how they show up for their audiences then I have helped the next women ceo ????????‍???? show up on camera with confidence.

Next week I’m hosting my 3 Day Get Clients with Live Video Challenge.  This challenge is designed to help you get comfortable and confident on live video so you can start getting sales. 

You can register for the challenge over at

I can’t wait to see you in the challenge. 

Now that you see how simple the process can be with these 3 live video tools, which one will you use to start leveraging live video today? 

Comment with Phone ???? , Computer ????or DSLR camera?????

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