The year 2020 has been eventful.  Over the last few days cities, local governments and school districts have been shutting down bars, restaurants and gyms.  If you’re a parent with school aged children your kid are now at home with you to help prevent the spreading of COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus.. 

Whether you are a full-time or part-time entrepreneur an unexpected break and can throw anyone off their game.  To stay ahead of the game and be productive, I came up with 20 things that you can do to keep your creative juices flowing, slay your business and continue to make bank during Summer vacation, anytime kids are home or an unexpected interruption like the COVID-19 aka “That Rona”.  I’ve included a mixture of business and threw in a little 

20 things that you can do withçç kids at home during an unexpected interruption.

  1. Create Your Next 30 Days of Content
  2. Launch your podcast
  3. Start your Youtube channel
  4. Finish that course you’re creating
  5. Start your blog
  6. Plan Your next month of healthy meals
  7. Update your Systems and Procedures
  8. Review and Update your Client Onboarding process
  9. Make Videos
  10. Plan Your Next Month of Livestreams
  11. Create or Update Your Lead Magnet
  12. Contine/Complete that Training/Course you’ve been putting off
  13. Finish Your latest Project
  14. Improve Your Website
  15. Update Social Media
  16. Clean Your Office
  17. Plan Your social media content for the next 30 days
  18. Follow Up with Potential Clients and Former Clients
  19. Update Your Launch Process
  20. Reach out to colleagues and new connections for coffee chats 

I know that list may seem like a lot but I know these are a lot of things that we overlook when operating our businesses. One thing I want you to remember is that you don’t need to do all of this. With kids and clients it may seem like a lot on this list to do but some of these actionable things take as little as five minutes to do.

Take it one task at a time. Maybe even assign one day to focus on just one thing on that list. Take breaks and reward yourself when you check off an item on the list.

Now that you have this list what is the number of the thing that you will start working on today to keep your business booming during this COVID-19 pandemic.   

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