Hey, answer this….

Do you stand out in your industry or do you blend in like a chameleon?

Are you lurking in the shadows because you have no idea on how to get your ideal client to notice you in Facebook groups and other social media platforms?

Do you make a wish and close your eyes everytime you post, hoping that someone will see your post, engage with you and reach out to you for your services?

Growing a business can be tough. With all of the noise, the webinars, Youtube videos and Facebook groups, it’s frustrating not knowing what to focus on that will build your visibility, give you more impact and grow your income.

Wouldn’t it be nice to consistently attract clients by building your credibility while having a clear roadmap on how to make this possible. No more staying up into the late night burning the midnight oil and losing out on sleep. No more sacrificing attending your kids school plays and sports games so that you can chase down that one lead that came in that hasn’t gave you an answer.

If you had the opportunity to be see as the expert in your industry would you take it?

You’d have the ability to market your business in a way that works for you..

How much would it mean to you to have the business building tools that allow you to be visible and attract your dream clients, you knew you could build a business that increases your influence, and brings in the income you desire?


Would you take that opportunity? If I offered this to you right now would you say, OH YES!


  • Build Online Authority
  • Crush Your Goals
  • Make Bank
  • Build Your Empire


An Incubator community experience filled up-to-date trainings that teach you how to market your business consistently, get dream clients and create the influence and dominate in your industry.  

I’m Alicia Henderson, and I’ve help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses by giving them the tools so that they can position themselves as the go-to expert in their industry so that they can grow their business empires.  

I designed this experience for you to build relationships, collaborate and grow your business so that you can dominate your industry and stand out as the go-to expert.  The Society is filled with trainings specifically on visibility and marketing, proven strategies and pop up trainings from guest experts.

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The Empirenista Society Experience:

Empirenista Live Coaching Calls

Each month, I will answer your questions and get support for an hour during a live coaching call.


Trainings and Guest Experts

The society is full of action value packed challenges, video trainings  and worksheets on specific empire building topics and themes such as visibility and marketing so that you can grow your business significantly.  

All trainings are self study, so that you can do them at your own pace and fit them into your schedule.


Member Spotlights and Empirenista Ambassadors

Each Month, I will spotlight two Empirenistas in the group. You will have the opportunity to be highlighted in front of our community members and social media accounts.


BackStage Pass

Behind the scenes pass on how I and other industry leaders run our businesses.

Get exclusive access to any new courses, services or live events that I host before the general public.


Empirenista Society Community

You’ve never been apart of a community of women who slay their goals and take names while they’re doing it.  Empirenistas are your cheerleaders during your launches, your ears to vent to and your don’t- want-to-hear-your-excuses accountability partners.

When you need encouragement or want to bounce ideas off one someone, this global community is full of women who’ve got your back.  


Weekly Office Hours

I know that you may have questions in between our month calls, so I’ll pop in the group to chat with you each week.


Promotion Opportunities

You never know where you next client will come from.  They may be inside of the Empirenista Society. Each week, you’ll the opportunity to promote your services, find collaborations and coffee dates.  This is the community for you to build relationships and shine bright as an entrepreneur.

Here’s How it Works

  1. Choose Your Plan (Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Membership)
  2. Check Your Email to get the deets
  3. Add your demos to the directory and hop into the Facebook community

Yes, it’s that simple. No jumping through hoops here.





The Empirenista isn’t another course. In fact, it’s from a course. It’s a real live experience that you travel through as you take action with other Empirenistas around the world.


Wondering if this is for you?


  • You’re an aspiring or seasoned entrepreneur that wants online authority


  • You want no-fluff marketing trainings that don’t keep you running in circles still guessing on what to do to grow your business


  • You want to be apart of a community where the women support each other, are open minded, slay their goals and genuinely want you to succeed.


  • You’re all walk and not just talk. You take action and take names

Sounds Like You? Good, Get it NOW

Your Results from The Empirenista Society may lead to:


  • Publicity & Guest Interviews on podcast and shows so that your ideal know your name
  • Dream Clients who you love working with
  • Closing sales that doesn’t feel like pulling teeth
  • Freedom in your schedule for a middle of the day massage
  • Booked out Calendar full of sales conversations
  • Waitlist of new clients for your services

Most importantly, the Empirenista experience includes support from your Empirenista Biz Girlfriends, value packed actionable trainings and up-to-date marketing strategy that will have you standing out as the industry expert so that you get booked with dream clients for less than your monthly visit to the spa.

What are you waiting for?

Get access and join the society




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

You pick which payment option you’d like, provide your payment information and you’ll gain access immediately to the society.

How is this membership program different from other membership programs that I’ve joined in the past?

I don’t know about your experience with other programs but I do know that this program is like no other. The experience is all about being the best entrepreneur and not just talking the talk but walk the walk.  We’re sassy and we get stuff done.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Sure, if you find that this is not the community and experience for you then you can cancel at anytime.  Please note that if you do cancel and want to come back and there is a price increase you will not be able to re-enroll at your previous rate.

Please allow us 72 business hours so that someone on my team can handle your cancellation.  You may email us at Support@AliciaHenderson.Biz.  Please note that my team does not work holidays or weekends.

How much is the membership?

Monthly- $47 Quarterly $127 Annually $497

Does this program offer 1:1 Support?

In this program 1:1 coaching is not offered.  However coaching does happen during the monthly coaching calls and inside of the membership Facebook group.

If you’d like 1:1 coaching outside of this community please reach out to me by scheduling a discovery so that we may have a chat about how we can work together to build your empire.

Do you offer refunds?

There are no refunds. If you find that this program is not for you, you are welcome to cancel at anytime.

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