You’re the best at what you do and It sucks when no one knows your name or sees your post on LinkedIn.

Your clients are on LinkedIn and You want to reach them quickly and get known for what you do.

You post every now and then on LinkedIn but you haven’t established yourself as an authority.

You see LinkedIn as just a corporate networking platform.

You haven’t figured oiut what to say or stand out and you silence yourself because you’re afraid of what your peers might say.

You’re tired of watching your peers blow up their visibility, their brand and business on LinkedIn. 

It ALL boils down to lack of strategy.

Sis, Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do on LinkedIn and get your tailored strategy to bring in clients, increase your visibility, and grow your brand on the platform..

There is a proven strategy…It’s time to be known as the go-to expert in your industry..



BrandYou on LinkedIn

The system to confidently increasing your visibility, getting quality clients and growing your personal brand


Since 2009, I’ve built 3 successful brands on LinkedIn. The strategy that I’ve used have brought me new clients, a network that refers quality leads to me, guest podcast interviews, and PAID speaking engagements.

I’ve also been featured by the LinkedIn News Team several times in their video spotlight news area.

LinkedIn works. Period.

Thanks why I designed my BrandYou LinkedIn Personal Branding Marketing Intensive with you in mind.

The BrandYou on LinkedIn intensive is designed to help you establish your brand and business to allow you to be seen as an expert to attract more leads and get more sales for your personal brand and business on LinkedIn. You’ll know exactly what to do to position yourself as an expert, what type of content to post, how often to post, and the type of network to cultivate for referrals so that you’re getting clients and growing your brand.


At the end of our intensive, you will have your own customized marketing strategy that will assist you in increasing your visibility so you can stand out on LinkedIn, generate new leads to book clients, and attract speaking opportunities.  You’ll know exactly what to do to show up on LinkedIn without spinning your wheels for business growth.

The system to confidently establishing your personal brand for more visibility, attracting quality clients and owning your authority so that you can book more speaking engagements for your business.

Grow your visibility, Attract more of the right clients to you and getting more speaking opportunities.   

With this system you can forget about blending in with your peers.

Show up confidently with your clear strategy so that you can build the business of your dreams.

the brandyou on linkedin personal branding intensive Overview

This is 1:1 4 hour strategy intensive that we come together and map out your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

We’ll first meet for your kickoff call to discuss your business, brand and goals for LinkedIn.

During your intensive, we’ll put together your LinkedIn marketing strategy, work on growing your network, create content that fits your business, and have clear messaging for positioning your brand on LinkedIn.

After your intensive you have 30 days of Slack access to ask questions, get your profile and content reviewed, and get additional support.

We’ll then wrap up everything with a 30-minute follow-up call to tie up loose ends and provide you with additional support.

Oh, and did I mention that during your intensive that lunch (or dinner) is on me?

By the end you’ll know exactly what to do to increase your visibility and grow you business on LinkedIn for more clients and speaking opportunities.

BrandYou on LiknkedIn INCLUDES:

✔️ 4 Hour Strategy Session (2) 90 Minute Recorded Sessions

✔️ Lifetime Access to Client Portal and Personalized Trainings

✔️ (1) 30 Minute Kickoff call to go over your LinkedIn goals 

✔️ 30 days of Slack and Voxer Support

✔️ (1) 30 Minute Follow Up call for additional Support

✔️ Lunch or Dinner is on me! 

phase 1: onboarding & prework
  • An extensive client questionairre so that I can prepare for your intensive
  • Kickoff call to layout goals for the intensive
phase 2: your intensive day
  • Your intensive day filled with strategy where we put together your get known on LinkedIn visibility strategy. 
  • Create your customized strategyn for content, networking and sales
  • Your blueprint to consistently showing up, building and growing your audience
phase 3: support time
  • 30 days of coaching and support. Ask quetions, get feedback and make adjustments as you go
phase 4: follow up & additional support
  • Recorded session where we’ll wrap up in strategy and questions that you may have

What We’ll work together on:


  • Growing and Building Relationships with the right referral sources on LinkedIn

  • Creating a marketing strategy that gets you rapid visibility with video (or your preferred visibility strategy) so you can launch and sell a service you promote

  • Setting your profile up for success by attracting the right audience to so that you don’t have to post every day and sell on every post

  • Creating and growing your brand awareness and messaging allows you to stand out from the others in your industry by creating a blue ocean for yourself that attracts and converts high-end clients and Gets you featured by the LinkedIn News team

  • Positioning yourself with client converting content for sought guest speaking opportunities {PAID} and appear on podcasts and live/virtual events

  • What type of content and posts to create that works best for your brand and audience that makes them DM you and work with you. 

Each Intensive is customized to your brand, business and specific goals.


BrandYou on LinkedIn has two options:


✔️ 4 Hour Strategy Session (2) 90 Minute Recorded Sessions

✔️  Lifetime Access to Client Portal and Personalized Trainings

✔️ (1) 30 Minute Kickoff call to go over your LinkedIn goals

✔️ 30 days of Slack and Voxer Support

✔️ (1) 30 Minute Follow Up call for additional Support



Course Only $2500 or 2 Payments of $1297


✔️ 4 Hour Strategy Session (2) 90 Minute Recorded Sessions

✔️  Lifetime Access to Client Portal and Personalized Trainings

✔️ (1) 30 Minute Kickoff call to go over your LinkedIn goals

✔️ 30 days of Slack and Voxer Support

✔️ (1) 30 Minute Follow Up call for additional Support

✔️ 3 Months of Additional Strategy and Support


Course + VIP Only $4500 or 3 Payments of $1597

Go From Unknown & Invisible to Known & Paid

Who is Brandyou on linkedin for?

???? The Speaker, Coach, Consultant or Business Owner who wants a system that allows them to show up as the go-to expert service provider in their niche

???? You want more exposure for your business without paying a PR agency to do so

???? You know that alongside content, visibility is Queen

???? You’re coachable and willing to implement the strategies provided so that you can tailor them to fit your business

???? You’re ready to take action, do the work and get out of your comfort zone so that you can get the desired visibility for your business


Who is brandyou on linked not for?

❌ You’re not looking to be visible and just want to take another course

❌ You don’t want a system that takes the guesswork out of how to strategically get in front of your audience.

❌ You’re not open to trying new things and think doing something once is going to 100x your business overnight

❌  You’re not willing to take consistent action

❌ You only want to try something once and you’re not willing to put the work in that is necessary to grow your authority and business 

Results with using this system…

A recognizable brand

Being seen by the right potential clients and More money 

Strategic relationships with other ladies who are crushing their visibility and brands

Confidence that when you offer your services your audience knows you’re giving them the goods AND they trust you

Not only that but….

Opportunities and Appearances: Get asked to be the guest expert on Live Shows, podcast and masterminds

Have more time to do what you love because there’s less busy work and grind and more clients that don’t require hand holding

You’re crushing your income goal consistently each month and your business is booked with the right clients

Influencers and Leaders seek you out instead of you pitching them all of the time

A little bit about me:

I’m Alicia Henderson, Video and Business Strategist and I’ve leveraged LinkedIn since 2009 for business marketing.

I’ve grown two separate service-based businesses on LinkedIn (a medical billing company and a marketing agency) by leveraging video as a tool on the platform so I know how to stand out from my peers and book high-end clients.

I specialize in creating strategies on LinkedIn that get you rapid visibility on LinkedIn so that you don’t have to post every day on the platform.

I’ve been featured by the LinkedIn News team, on Huffington Post, spoken at live Summits, and appeared in on a dozen podcasts all because I stood out from my “competition”, and created my own lane by specializing and establishing myself as an expert on LinkedIn. 

My expertise on LinkedIn is Branding with Video however, I’ve used several strategies that work as well.

I’m a SoCal girl who loves 90’s RnB. I’ve built my agency and several businesses as a Marine Corps Spouse during deployments, and between nap times, school drop off/pick ups and soccer practices. I love spending my time at the pool and eating a good carne asada taco (not the fake crap from Taco Bell, lol).


Let’s create your personal brand and marketing strategy that’s unique to your business so that you can stand out on LinkedIn, get more clients, and increase your visibility.

DM on LinkedIn if you have any questions.

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