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question for you...

Are you ready to get more out of your business?

You know that in order to have a profitable business your business needs visibility that sells, a brand that slays and a foolproof system to bring in and retain clients that doesn’t require you to be tied to your laptop 20 hours a day.

In an ideal world you’d be seen and known as the “it-girl” to work with.  You’d work with clients who pull out their credit cards to work with you in an instant regardless of the investment.. (screamin yasss girl in the process)…..

They’d find you on your social media like Instagram and Facebook and they wouldn’t need to read all 50-eleven of your blogs to know your services are a perfect fit for them.

But wait a minute.. That’s not happening for you, is it?

If anything, you’re having a hard time getting the right people to you, you spend way too much time chasing after clients on social media and you’re even more frustrated with the feast and famine cycle you find yourself in often. 

The cycle has you jumping from one strategy to the next, comparing yourself to the “it-Girl” in your industry, and you’re overthinking every move you make in the process.  If only you had a way to hack the mind of your favorite business guru you, could up-level your client experience, increase your audience reach and have a brand that sells….. girl you’d be makin’ bank’ in snap.

Real talk::: you don’t need a guru’s mind to read. You need to trust yourself with your own clear process in place so that you can be your own guru.



The Empirenista Group
Coaching Program

This 12 month group program is specifically designed for the service-based business owner to support you with growing your business, being seen as the authority in your industry, increasing your sales and creating a freedom lifestyle business. (whatever that looks like for you)


you’ll receive high touch support and exclusive trainings

Visibility +
Marketing Strategy


Productivity +
Time Management

Planning +
Business Development



if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

Here’s how Empirenista Group Coaching program is different from other group coaching programs:

The Empirenista Group Coaching is a year long program.  You receive a year of high-end coaching support from guest experts and from Alicia.

You can refer to the trainings throughout the year when needed.

This isn’t a self study send you on your way program with no support. 

No, I’m in there in the trenches with you as you work on your business.  You have my support and you’re not left to spend more wasted time figuring it out on your own.

This program is for the entrepreneurs in the validation and growth stages.  You’re past the newbie stage with a few clients (3-5) and need a solid system to help you operate as the CEO of your business and not as an employee. 

Less Hustle and More Flow.

This program is designed to help you build a business that revolves around your family and lifestyle not the other way around. 

I know that your business expands into your life and family and I incorporate strategies to help you have the business empire that’s built upon what you value.

It’s time for you to Be the Go-to for what you do and grow a thriving business that you love.

You Ready to Slay?

Well, let’s slay together.

This Empirenista Business Coaching Program will teach you how to:

Consistently attract your ideal client month after month with the systems and expert authority building visibility blueprint to do so.

As well as....

Create your high-end service offer so that you can enroll high-end clients month after month

Having and maintaining high consistent 4 and 5 figure income months so that you’re not in feast and famine cycle

Learn how to build and elevate your brand experience

More Visibility so that you can be seen as the go-to service provider and stand out amongst your competition.

Booking Guest Speaking Engagements so that you increase your visibility and put you in front of the right audience.

A plan to leave your full time 9 to 5 job and go full time in your business

Overall Confidence so that you can make decisions quickly and stop overthinking

How to Bust through Imposter Syndrome so you can have the mindset of a Powerhouse CEO and actually see progress and get your business where you want it to be

How to Create life and business flow: incorporating the right tools to support your lifestyle


let's dig into the details



Every Empirenista that enrolls in the program has (1) one to one call with Alicia to layout their overall goals for their time in the program. This will allow Alicia to learn more about you and/or desires for your business.


  • Each month there are two group Q&A calls where we meet so that you can ask questions and receive feedback from Alicia.  The goal is to help you get unstuck, give you clarity and stop you from wasting time googling or reinventing the wheel.


  •  Each month there will be a live monthly training  from guest experts in the online business industry that will share extensive trainings on topics such as sales, list building, contracts/legal.


The private FB community allows you a safe space to ask questions, receive feedback from fellow Empirenista sista’s (who’ve got your back) and pop-up live trainings from Alicia


Ready to meet your next biz bestie to hold you accountable? When you join the Empirenista Group coaching program we try to match you with an accountability partner that will hold you to the fire and be your cheerleader (along with Alicia).  Don’t worry, if you’re an introvert there’s no pressure.

2 ½ day Intensive Workshop
In Sunny Southern California

  • It’s time to come together!

    Meet your Empirenista sista’s, have fun in the sun and get the latest trainings on what’s happening online to grow your business. 
  • The in person intensive will be two and a half jam packed days of business growth and of course great food and fun in the sun. Oh, and not to mention a few surprises. You don’t want to miss this.
**Dates and location TBD**

and don't forget about the bonuses



  • We all love a good bonus. When you Pay in Full you receive an additional 1:1 45 minute strategy call with Alicia.  There’s like getting honest feedback from someone who has been in your shoes and knows how to build and grow a successful and profitable business.

ready to get started?

Choose your experience...




One Payment



12x Monthly Payments




One Payment



12x Monthly Payments


It’s time to build a profitable and sustainable business


This is not a try for 7 to 14 days type of program where you get a refund due to buyers remorse or because you have a bill that’s due and need to pay it.  This program is not for window shoppers or coaching program hoppers.


As your empire building strategist I am committed to your success and have committed to showing up fully for you.  If you do the same for your business the program will increase your business.

With that being said, there are NO refunds for this program.


Hey there, I'm ALICIA.

I’m Alicia- Business & Live Video Strategist for women entrepreneurs. Since 2009, I’ve been building businesses and I know that building a business comes with its challenges.  However, with a solid plan for launching your services, working on the right money making activities and increasing your visibility there’s no reason that you won’t and can’t accomplish your goals.   

As a busy mom of three and wife to a Retired Marine, I know what’s it’s like to start, build, scale and sell proftiable businesses.  After years of helping hundreds of women grow their visibility and businesses I’ve created this coaching program to be a sounding board for women who want a business that delivers the results they want.  With the right support from some who has been in your shoes, you can create predictable revenue, make bank and build a thriving business that works around your family and for your lifestyle.


let's wrap it all up


Consultants, Coaches, Service Based Business owners, Freelancers, Accountants, Bookkeepers, Attorneys, Lawyers, Social Media Managers, VA’s... etc..

You’re an established business owner and you’re ready to get paid like the expert that you are

You’re ready to have a business that brings you joy and lights you up each day

You’re ready to have the freedom based lifestyle and a bank account that supports it

You’re ambitious, driven and want to sell high-end services to your clients that will have them referring business to you

You’re ready to trust the process and see this business through to move to higher levels in business

You’re open and willing to trust the process and to trying “out-of-your-comfort-zone” strategies

You’re charging at least $500 for your services and making at least $3000 a month in your service-based business and want to accelerate income and business (or you have the budget and funding to invest in this program)

You’re able and ready to make this investment so that you can make more profit and have business and life you want.

No questions, I'm ready for this!

This is not for you if:

If you’re looking for a fast and fly-by-night tactics that cut corners that keeps you stuck in feast and famine

You don’t like to take action and you like to sit on the sidelines and blame others for your business not working

You’re not coachable and question everything without doing the work and trusting the process

You expect others to do the work for you

You like drama amongst a group of women. This program ain’t it for you because the women in this program don’t have time for it.

You don’t like input from others

You like consuming information more than implementing

“Alicia has offered nothing but support, encouragement, and practical steps to implement in my business to help me to build like, know, and trust.  She has really helped me to get a grasp on how to get my business visible and reach the clients I’m targeting.  I’ve been amazed at how supportive she has been even in her social media.  You really won’t be wandering in the dark with Alicia and her team.”


“Alicia has been pivotal in my decision to fully bet on myself. I hired her for expertise in visibility and video but received so much more. It was the mindset coaching that I didn’t know I need. It was what I needed to quit the corporate life and within one month double my salary.”



Don’t let another year go by before you have the business you desire

The best time to get your business together was yesterday. 

You owe it to yourself to stop struggling and finally have the business and lifestyle you desire.  It’s time to create and have the business that revolves around your kids and not the other way around. 

Put all of the information that you’ll receive, step out in faith and actually see the results that you desire.

have a question?

You have questions.
I have answers

No, it’s not a course.  This is a coaching program designed to help women establish themselves as the go-to authority in their space and build profitable businesses.  There may be a course offered within this program, however, there are trainings included to take the place of a course. 

The lessons will be available to you at your convenience to do and work through.

We’ll discuss a variety of topics with a heavy emphasis on visibility.  We will cover email marketing, crafting your signature offer, social media, mastering sales and building your authority.

There are also monthly group coaching calls and guest trainings.  The trainings will be hosted in an exclusive  members only portal.

No, there is no refund for this program.  When you join this program you are making a commitment to yourself and your business.  As I mentioned before, if you do the work (test, tweak and revise) you will see growth.

If you’re looking for community, sisterhood and a business strategist who keeps it real and who wholeheartedly wants to see you succeed then this is the right program for you.

We will meet and discuss things in the dedicated  Facebook group. There you will receive accountability.  I will also offer impromptu trainings and challenges inside. Monthly trainings are held on Zoom.

Members of the Empirenista Business Group Coaching program can expect different results.  Past clients have gotten results like:

  • Starting a Podcast AND obtaining sponsorship
  • Enrolling high-end clients
  • Having high consistent 4 figure months 
  • Starting a Youtube Channel
  • Booking Guest Speaking Engagements
  • Leaving their full time 9 to 5 jobs and going full time in their business
  • Camera Confidence
  • Knocked Down Fear and Imposter Syndrome

If you’re open to be honest, work through the trainings, take advantage of the accountability and be open to coaching you will experience growth in this program.

All live calls and trainings will be recorded and hosted on Zoom.  You will have easy access to them with your members only portal.

I don’t know, will you?  What I know is that with anything that you want you have to dedicate time to it.  The trainings are available for you to do at your convenience.  This means you can start and stop.  You can take them as many times as you want.  I would dedicate at least one hour a week to review material.

The investment for this program is $347 (12 monthly payments) or Pay in Full $3,997

VIP Level is $447 (12 monthly payments) or Pay In Full $5,337.

This is a year long program

Enroll in the Empirenista
Business Group Coaching
Program today!




One Payment



12x Monthly Payments




One Payment



12x Monthly Payments

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